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Religious Services Reservation Made Easier

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Religious Service Reservation

Religious services requested by devotees at Temple Hall (downstairs)
Religious Services Temple Charges
Temple Charges Weekends and Holidays
Allowed Time
Additional charges to use Temple Hall*
Prasadams on Demand**
- Punyaha-vaachanam,
- Naamakaranam (naming a baby)
- Anna-Praasanam (first time food to baby)
- Hair-Offering
- Aksharaabhyaasam
- Nischitaartham ( Engagement )
$58 $108 30 Minutes
- Seemantham (Baby Shower)
- Ayushya Homam (Babay's first Birthday)
- Sahtibhapoorty (60th Birthday)
- Sadaabhishekam (80th Birthday)
$158 $208 90 Minutes*
Upanayanam (Sacred-Thread) $208 $258 2 Hours*
Vivaaham (Marriage / Wedding) $408 $508 4 Hours*
Hiranya Sradham (Ancestral Rites) $58 $58 30 Minutes*

* Additional Hall usage is charged @ $75 per hour on Weekends & Holidays and $50/Hour on Weekdays

** Prasadam items on demand based on request from Devotees: $45 per item for 25 people (minimum order) and additional $45 per item for each multiple of 25 people

List of items to be brought by the Devotees for the function: Refer to the Pooja Samigiri Page for list of items required

Pooja / Religious services requested by devotees outside the temple (or at their homes)
Pooja / Religious Services Temple Charges*
Temple Charges*
Weekends and Holidays
Priests Services and times
Prasadams on Demand**
- Upanayanam (Sacred-Thread)
- Sahtibhapoorty (60th Birthday)
- Sadaabhishekam (80th Birthday)
$258 $308

4 Hours (including travel)

- Punyavachanam, Namakaranam, (naming a baby)
- Griha-pravesam (House Warming)
- Seemantham (Baby Shower)
- Ayushya Homam (1st Birthday)
- Satyanaaraayana Pooja
2 Hrs: $108
4 Hrs: $158
6 Hrs: $208
8 Hrs: $258
2 Hrs: $158
4 Hrs: $208
6 Hrs: $258
8 Hrs: $308

2-8 Hours (including travel)

* Usual Temple Charges + $25 per hour for Priest Services

** Prasadam items on Demand based on request from Devotees: $45 per item for 25 people (minimum order) and additional $45 per item for each multiple of 25 people

Additional Notes:

  • 1. Devotees may give any Sambhavana and yAthaSakthi to Priests, but not on demand.

  • 2. We encourage all devotees to pay using check or credit cards. To streamline accounting and to avail tax benefits, please obtain temple receipts for all payments made to temple as cash, checks or credit cards.

  • 3. Hall cleaning Charges: Devotees have to pay an ADDITIONAL $50 for up to 100 guests and $100 for more than 100 guests.

  • 4. All food items and materials for preparing Prasadam are purchased by the Temple.

  • 5. Refer to the Temple Hall Rental policy for further details on Hall Rental