Temple Festivals

Major Festivals celebrated at Sri Ranganatha Temple, Pomona, New York

The Temple follows the Visishtadvaita Philosophy as given by Bhagavad Sri Ramanujacharya, as elaborated by Sri NigamAntha Maha Desika and as currently followed by the Jeers of Sri Ahobila Mutt, India. ALL devotees, irrespective of their birth or current status have an equal opportunity to reach the Lotus Feet of the Lord in Sri Vaikuntham (Moksham) by following the path of SaraNagathi, or Absolute Surrender to Lord Sriman Narayana.

All festivals conducted by the Temple are in strict accordance with the Temple philosophy and traditions. These elaborate festivals are conducted in a very grand manner (some have likened these events to events conducted at the DivyaDesams in India) and there is active and loving participation by thousands of devotees who are constantly drawn to the Divine Beauty and Splendor of the Divya Dampathi who beckon the devotees to surrender at their Lotus Feet.

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Temple News Letter

November 20, 2018

Dear Devotee,

There is no time more fitting to say THANK YOU for your trust and confidence in Sri Ranganatha Temple (SRT). Our SRT family would like to express its heartfelt appreciation for your continued support and generosity. On behalf of the board, staff and volunteers, we wish you and your loved ones a very happy Thanksgiving and joyful holiday season.

May Lord Ranganatha and Mahaa Lakshmi shower their blessings on you and your family.

Very truly yours

S. Ram Nagubandi


Board of Trustees


November 10, 2018

Dear Devotee and Member                                                                                                                         

You have experienced world-renowned religious experience- delivered with compassion by extraordinary priests of Sri Ranganatha Temple. Recently one of the devotees said “I get the feeling and satisfaction when I visit Sri Ranganatha Temple that I never experienced visiting any other temple in the world. I truly believe God really exists in this temple”. We would like you to experience the same feeling visiting Ranganatha Temple.

Whether it was personal attention you received from highly skilled priests, the vast knowledge and religious expertise of Sri Krishna Desika Yata Jeeyar Swamy (skdyjswamy@gmail.com), or a reassuring smile, a satisfying free prasadam and encouraging word of fellow devotee or a volunteer-we hope that your experience with the temple was positive. You can send Jeeyar Swamy for any request of your requirements or doubts about any part of our religion and private religious consultation.

At Sri Ranganatha Temple, devotees are at the center of everything we do, and it means so much to everyone at the Temple when we hear about your outstanding devotion you received. Lord Ranganatha and Mahaa Lakshmi does not discriminate based on your ability to donate and pay for Aarathi. God treats everyone equally whether you are rich or poor. That is why we do not charge you for Aarathi or Puja at our temple and we strive to treat everyone equally. We strongly believe in that and we also offer free food (Prasadam) to all. We believe that the Temple belongs to you and you and your family are partners in caring-a way that you can personally honor those people (Priests or volunteers) who made a difference to you and your family.

If you encountered someone who made your experience special, please take a moment to let us know. Make a donation today and we will send a note to the priest, volunteer, board member, or other staff to acknowledge their excellence and thank them on your behalf.

Your support will not only bring well-deserved recognition and joy to one of our priests, volunteer or staff but it will help to ensure that other devotees experience the same high-quality attention as you did.

With warm regards,

S. Ram Nagubandi


Board of Trustees



Thanksgiving Appeal - 2019

Dear Devotees. 


As Thanksgiving-Day approaches, this is the Best time to express our gratitude and say "Thank You" for your support to our Temple, for past nearly 20 years. It is because of your Generous Support , we could have the Unique No-Ticket System, based on "YaThaa-Sakthi" principle, for all the following Services: 


1:  Archana at All Sannidhis, at ALL times at Temple

2:  Abhishekams at All Sannidhis on All Scheduled Days at Temple

3:  Sri Srinivasa-Kalyanam on All Saturdays & Sundays at Temple

4:  Sri Satya-Narayana Pooja on All Full-Moon Days at 6 PM at Temple

5:  Sri Hanumaan's Vada-Maala Pooja on All Saturdays at Temple at 10 AM

6:  Sri Santaana-Gopala-Krishna Pooja on All Sundays at Temple at 10 AM

7:  Anna-Danam, at all times during normal Temple Working Hours, 8:  Bhagavad-Gita PaaraayaNam, Sri Sundhara-Kaanda PaaraayaNam, Sri SatyaNarayana-Pooja & Sri Sita-Kalyanam, on All Weekends at 4 PM at your Homes

9:  Tele-Bridge chanting 3 times-a-day (Divya-Prabandham, Paaduka-Sahasram, Desika-Stotras etc.,) and entire Bhagavad-Gita-ParayaNa Everyday 8 to 10 PM

10: Annual River-Front Sri Satya-Narayana Pooja, Anna-koota Utsavam, Pavithrotsavam, Brahmotsavam and ADhyayana-Utsavam

11: Offered Gold-Leaf Vimanams to Lord Sri-RanganaaTha, Sri-Mahaa-Lakshmi, SriAndal, Bhagavat Ramanuja and Sri Vedanta-Desika and many more.


We request you all to join the dedicated group of fortunate devotees who donate 6.25% of their Annual Gross Income Every-Year to our Temple and the 14 Devotees who gave $50,000= each, towards the VamSa-Paaramparya-Ubhayakaara-Program (VPUP) Seva and adopted one of Temple Moolavar-s. It is because of such dedicated Devotees donating 6.25% Every Year and the VPUP Sponsors, we could manage the Temple with No-Ticket system. Temple provides Priest Services to all such VPUP Sponsors and 6.25% Donors, at home or at Temple, all religious services, - Gruha-pravesam, Marriage etc., Temple-Hall for all the above poojas, regular Temple Prasadam items and all available resources (subject to limitations of Temple policies), at no extra cost.


Please take a moment during this Thanks-Giving Holiday Season and send your Generous Donations, by a Check made payable to:  "Sri RanganAtha Temple" and Mail to: 8-Ladentown Road, Pomona, NY-10970; or call Temple at 845-364-9790 and donate with your Credit-Card; or make a Cash, Check or Credit-Card Donation at Temple Front-Desk.


Thank you, Srimad Azhagiyasingar Thiruvadigale SaraNam, adiyen, Raamaanuja dhaasaanudhaasans, Board-Of-Trustees.

The Thirunakshatram of H.H. the 45th Srimad-Azhagiyasingar of Sri Ahobila Mutt

The Thirunakshatram of H.H. the 45th Srimad-Azhagiyasingar of Sri Ahobila Mutt - Srimathe Sri Lakshmi-NruSimha Divya Paadhukaa-Sevaka SrivaN SaTagopa Sri NaaraayaNa Yathiindhra Mahaa Desikan, on Friday, Dec 6th, 2019 




SrimadhRanga SaTaari SamyamivaraallabDhaagamaantha dhvayam

Sriimadhviira Raghuudhvahaadhya SaTajith PaadhaaravindhaaSrayam

Srimadhvedhavathamsa DeSika Yathe: kaaruNya viikshaaspadham

Seve Ranga DhuriiNa Saasana vaSam NaaraayaNam Yoginam.

Srimathe Sri Lakshmi-NruSimha Dhivya Paadhukaa-Sevaka Srivan SaTagopa          

Sri NaaraayaNa Yathiindhra Mahaa Desikaaya Nama:


Vedha and PrabanDha PaaraayaNa Thodakkam begins on Tuesday - Dec 3rd, 2019

Program on ThiruNakshathram Day - Friday Dec-6th

08:00 am   ViSvaruupa-Seva
10:00 am   45th Srimad-Azhagiyasingar Thirumanjanam with Sri-RanganaTha Utsavar
10:30 am   Sevaakaalam, followed by Purappaadu and SanniDhi Maryaadha
12:00 pm   Periya-Saatrumurai, Sri-Paadha-thiirTham and thiirTham and SaTaari

Gita-Jayanthi, Kaisika-EkadaSi, Kaisika-DvaaDaSi, Sri Thirumangai-Aazhwaar and Sri Thruppaanaazhwaar Thirunakshatrams on Dec 7th, 8th, 10th, and 11th




sarva Dharmaan parithyajya maam-Ekam SaraNam vraja

Aham thvaa sarva paapebhyo mokshayishyaami maa Sucha:


Completely relinquishing all Dharmaas (because of our inability to practice Jnaana or Karma or Bhakthi-Yoga-s),

Surrender to Bhagavaan Sri-Krishna alone for refuge and He will release us from all sins (reactions of all sins - Karma-Phalam). Do not grieve.



Dec 7th - Revathi and KaiSika EkadhaSi & Bhagavad-Gita-Jayanti

10:00 am Sri RanganaTha Thirumanjanam followed by Sri Srinivasa KalyaNam
03:00 pm Children's Gita competition and Prize distribution & Gita-PaaraayaNam


Dec 8th - KaiSika-DhvaadhaSi

10:00 am Aachaarya Paadhuka-AaraaDhanam 
05:00 pm KaiSika PuraaNa PaTanam


Dec 10th - Sri Thrumangai-Aazhwaar ThiruNakshathram



  Dec 11th - Sri Thiruppanazhwar ThiruNakshathram & Pancharatra diipam