Temple Festivals

Major Festivals celebrated at Sri Ranganatha Temple, Pomona, New York

The Temple follows the Visishtadvaita Philosophy as given by Bhagavad Sri Ramanujacharya, as elaborated by Sri NigamAntha Maha Desika and as currently followed by the Jeers of Sri Ahobila Mutt, India. ALL devotees, irrespective of their birth or current status have an equal opportunity to reach the Lotus Feet of the Lord in Sri Vaikuntham (Moksham) by following the path of SaraNagathi, or Absolute Surrender to Lord Sriman Narayana.

All festivals conducted by the Temple are in strict accordance with the Temple philosophy and traditions. These elaborate festivals are conducted in a very grand manner (some have likened these events to events conducted at the DivyaDesams in India) and there is active and loving participation by thousands of devotees who are constantly drawn to the Divine Beauty and Splendor of the Divya Dampathi who beckon the devotees to surrender at their Lotus Feet.

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Temple News Letter

November 20, 2018

Dear Devotee,

There is no time more fitting to say THANK YOU for your trust and confidence in Sri Ranganatha Temple (SRT). Our SRT family would like to express its heartfelt appreciation for your continued support and generosity. On behalf of the board, staff and volunteers, we wish you and your loved ones a very happy Thanksgiving and joyful holiday season.

May Lord Ranganatha and Mahaa Lakshmi shower their blessings on you and your family.

Very truly yours

S. Ram Nagubandi


Board of Trustees


November 10, 2018

Dear Devotee and Member                                                                                                                         

You have experienced world-renowned religious experience- delivered with compassion by extraordinary priests of Sri Ranganatha Temple. Recently one of the devotees said “I get the feeling and satisfaction when I visit Sri Ranganatha Temple that I never experienced visiting any other temple in the world. I truly believe God really exists in this temple”. We would like you to experience the same feeling visiting Ranganatha Temple.

Whether it was personal attention you received from highly skilled priests, the vast knowledge and religious expertise of Sri Krishna Desika Yata Jeeyar Swamy (skdyjswamy@gmail.com), or a reassuring smile, a satisfying free prasadam and encouraging word of fellow devotee or a volunteer-we hope that your experience with the temple was positive. You can send Jeeyar Swamy for any request of your requirements or doubts about any part of our religion and private religious consultation.

At Sri Ranganatha Temple, devotees are at the center of everything we do, and it means so much to everyone at the Temple when we hear about your outstanding devotion you received. Lord Ranganatha and Mahaa Lakshmi does not discriminate based on your ability to donate and pay for Aarathi. God treats everyone equally whether you are rich or poor. That is why we do not charge you for Aarathi or Puja at our temple and we strive to treat everyone equally. We strongly believe in that and we also offer free food (Prasadam) to all. We believe that the Temple belongs to you and you and your family are partners in caring-a way that you can personally honor those people (Priests or volunteers) who made a difference to you and your family.

If you encountered someone who made your experience special, please take a moment to let us know. Make a donation today and we will send a note to the priest, volunteer, board member, or other staff to acknowledge their excellence and thank them on your behalf.

Your support will not only bring well-deserved recognition and joy to one of our priests, volunteer or staff but it will help to ensure that other devotees experience the same high-quality attention as you did.

With warm regards,

S. Ram Nagubandi


Board of Trustees



Yugaadhi and Sri-RanganaaTha Thiru-Nakshathram

We are bringing the following programs to you. However, we would like you to be aware of certain aspects of these special events.

We've already seen, the COVID-19 virus has created uncertainty around the globe and in New York State.  The Rockland County Department of Health has NOT issued a ban on large gatherings though Rockland County has experienced its first death due to COVID-19 . Because there are no restrictions, we are currently kept the temple open.  But this may change without any further notice. Out of an abundance of caution, as the health and welfare of our devotees and staff are our first priorities, and we're doing everything we can to support both during these difficult times.

We will be broadcasting these special events on our Facebook page and we encourage you to follow these events on-line from your home.  We discourage any gatherings and like to let you know that you should follow CDC (Center for Disease Control) prescribed protocols and maintain Social Distance of three feet between people, to stop the spread of  this disease



Program: Tuesday, Mar 24th,10 AM: Lord Sri-RanganaaTha's Nava-KalaSa-Snapanam, followed by Archana and Yugaadhi Panchaanga SravaNam at 6 PM.

Wednesday, March 25th : 10 AM Lord Sri-RanganaaTha's Nava-KalaSa-Snapanam,

12 Noon: Archana & Maryadha to Sri Nammazhwar & Swaamy Sri Vedanta-Desika.

1 PM: Sri Paadhuka-Sahasra-PaaraayaNa - All 32 PaDhdhatis - All 32 AaraaDhanas - with 32 varieties of Offerings, 32 varieities of Flowers and 32 varieties of Fruits.

(Mar 15th, Sunday, 10AM: Vedam & Divya-PrabanDham thodakkam)

Veda-PaaraayaNam: Yajur-Vedam:

Mar 15, Sun, 10 AM: Vedam thodakkam - 1st Kaandam.

Mar 15, Sun, 4 PM:   1st Ashtakam.

Mar 16, Mon, 5 PM:   1st Kaandam & 1st Ashtakam (5, 6, 7 & 8 PraSnas).

Mar 17, Tue, 5 PM:    2nd Kaandam.

Mar 18, Wed, 5 PM:   3rd Kaandam.

Mar 19, Thu, 5 PM:    4th Kaandam.

Mar 20, Fri, 5 PM:     5th Kaandam.

Mar 21, Sat, 4 PM:    6th Kaandam, AruNam and AaraNyakam.

Mar 22, Sun, 4 PM:   7th Kaandam, Kaatakam.

Mar 23, Mon, 5 PM:   2nd Ashtakam.

Mar 24, Tue, 5 PM:    3rd Ashtakam.

Mar 25, Wed, 1 PM:   Upanishath-s (Siiksha, BhRugu, Aanandha & Mahaa-NaaraayaNa) and        Periya Saatrumurai.

Veda-PaaraayaNam: ATharva-Vedam:

Mar 15, Sun, 10 AM: Vedam thodakkam.

Mar 15, Sun, 4 PM:   1st and 2nd Kaanda-s.

Mar 16, Mon, 5 PM:   3rd Kaandam.

Mar 17, Tue, 5 PM:    4th & 5th Kaanda-s.

Mar 18, Wed, 5 PM:   6th & 7th Kaanda-s.

Mar 19, Thu, 5 PM:    8th & 9th Kaanda-s.

Mar 20, Fri, 5 PM:     10th & 11th Kaanda-s.

Mar 21, Sat, 4 PM:    12th & 13th Kaanda-s & Gopadha BraahmaNam.

Mar 22, Sun, 4 PM:   14th & 15th Kaanda-s & Gopadha Braahmanam.

Mar 23, Mon, 5 PM:   16th Kaandam.

Mar 24, Tue, 5 PM:    17th Kaandam.

Mar 25, Wed, 1 PM:   18th Kaandam and Periya Saatrumurai.

Divya-PrabanDha PaaraayaNam:

Mar 15, Sun, 10 AM:  Divya-Prabanda thodakkam, PeriyaaLhvaar-ThirumoLi

Mar 15, Sun, 4 PM:    Thiruppaavai, Natchiyaar ThirumoLi, Perumaal  ThirumoLi

Mar 16, Mon, 5 PM:    Rest of Mudhalayiram.

Mar 17, Tue, 5 PM:     Periya-ThirumoLi - 1,2&3.

Mar 18, Wed, 5 PM:    Periya-ThirumoLi -4&5

Mar 19, Thu, 5 PM:    Periya-ThirumoLi - 6,7&8.

Mar 20, Fri, 5 PM:      Periya-ThirumoLi 9,10 &11, ThiruKurun & ThiruNedumThandakam

Mar 21, Sat, 4 PM:     1,2,3-Thiruvandhathis, ThiruvaimoLi-1,2, DeSika-PrabanDham(DP)

Mar 22, Sun, 4 PM:    NanmuganThiruanthadhi, Thiruvirutham, ThiruvaaimoLi-3 & 4, DP

Mar 23, Mon, 5 PM:    Thiruvasiriyam, PeriyaThiruvanthadhi,ThiruvaaimoLi-5&6, DP 

Mar 24, Tue 5 PM:      ThiruveLukutrukai, Siriya & PeriyaThirumadals, ThiruvaimoLi-7&8, DP

Mar 25, Wed 1 PM:     (during Sri-Padhuka-Sahasram) Thiruvaimozhi

                                   9&10,  IraamaanujaNuutrandhaadhi, DeSika-PrabanDham,  

                                   PrabanDha-saaram, Pillaiyanthaadhi



Per our Bylaws Paragraph 2.1 d reads as follows: 

Determination of Voting Members: Every year, between February 1, and March 30, a written communication, either by first class mail or email, shall be sent to voting members address as shown in Temple records to confirm if they wish to continue as voting members and members. Members who elect not to continue as voting members and members from whom no response is received within 30 days from mailing shall be removed as voting members.

Each life member must file this form. All fully paid life-members of the same family must file individually and if only one form is filed, then only one voter is allowed to participate in the election. 

I am a fully paid life member/donor/benefactor of Sri Ranganatha Temple. I would like to participate in this year's election and elect the trustee (s). My full details are as follows. 

Name: Last ____________________________________ First____________________________

Address: _______________________________________________________________________ 


Home Phone # ____________________________ Cell #: ________________________________

Email address: (required)___________________________________________________________

I promise to follow the rules of the temple and exercise my right as a voter in this year's election.

Date: ___________________ ______________________________________ 

Signature of the Life Member/Donor/Benefactor

You can download additional copies of this form from our website (ranganatha.org) and fill out and email it as an attachment to srtlms@ranganatha.org or mail this filled out form to following address:

Sri Ranganatha Temple, P.O. Box 3300, Pomona, NY 10970

No other form of delivery will be accepted


Dear Devotees,





Board of Trustees


Sri SudharSana-Homam & Sri Dhanvanthari-Homam

Offering our humble prostrations to our Great Aachaarya-s - Bhagavat Sri Ramanuja-Aachaarya, Sri Vedanta-Desika, All the 46 Srimat AzghagiyaSingars of Sri Ahobila Mutt,  the BOT (Board of Trustees) and Volunteers invite you all to participate through a Live-Stream of

Sri SudharSana-Homam at 11 AM on Saturday, Mar 21st & Sri Dhanvanthari-Homam at 11 AM on March 22nd, (for Loka-Kshemam - Sarve Janaa: Sukhino Bhavanthu) and be blessed by Sri SudharSana and Sri Dhanvanthari (be free from any fear of Corona-Virus) and Sri Maha-Lakshmi and Lord Sriman-NaaraayaNa with Health, Wealth, Peace and prosperity  and SaraNaagati to attain Salvation (Sri-VailunTa-Praapthi), at the end of this life itself.


SRT - Emergency Fund Appeal


Please follow us at our temple Facebook page or YouTube page for live events.

                                                                                                                              March 24th, 2020

Dear Devotees,                                                                                                                 

In order to stop the spread of Coronavirus, though it is painful, we have closed the Temple for all Devotees until further Notice. Nobody comes-in and Nobody goes-out.

Here is what we are doing now:

First, we wish you all a Very Happy and Healthy Saarvari Yugaadhi (New Year - March 24) and may our Divine Parents - Sri Mahaa-Lakshmi and Lord Sriman-NaaraayaNa Bless you and all your loved ones with good Health and Prosperity in this Saarvari New-Year.

We know you cannot come to the temple but we are continuing all the religious events in isolation, and you can watch them on line, using our Facebook link. We are celebrating Yugaadhi on March 24th, Sri-RanganaaTha's Birthday on March 25th, Sri-Raama-Navami on April 2nd and Sri-Mahaa-Lakshmi Birthday on April 6th, 2020. All these events will be live on Facebook and please join us for these events on Facebook. Please send us your Gothram, birth-star and names of all your family members and we will do Archana for the Physical and Spiritual Well-Being of all of you (send to contactus@ranganatha.org).

Social Distancing has become the norm these days as that's the only way we can win this war between the virus and Humanity. This creates tremendous stress and mental anxiety to many of us. But in this stressful time, we should not lose our Faith in God. We need Social-Distance coupled with Spiritual-Connectivity. It is very stressful being away from friends and in isolation but we can always be connected to God. It is easy to lose our faith in God or we begin to question why our beloved God is punishing His own children - all the human beings. If you have questions like this or need a boost to your Spiritual-Connectivity, please feel free to call Sri-Krishna Desika Jeeyar at 551-500-3601.

When we started the Temple, we did not have land or a plan but an idea in some people's mind. You may ask how did we achieve this. Lord RanganaaTha helped us to achieve this through all of you. We not only built the beautiful temple, and paid off Millions of dollars of loan we took to achieve in building Lord's house. Thank you all for your generosity which made us embrace a very unique No-Ticket policy for all religious services for past 15 years. You all made this YaTha-Sakthi policy a reality, so that nobody bothers you to pay certain amounts.  Now, if no devotee is allowed to come to temple due to the virus, we shall have NO income but must meet all the expenses such as paying salaries and accommodation expenses to priests, insurance, maintenance and utilities bills etc. We must meet over $50,000 as expenses, on a monthly basis.

We are not certain how soon we can open the Temple for your visit and in the meantime we are appealing to you once again to help us by donating on YaTha-Sakthi basis, to meet our monthly expenses (YaTha-Sakthi - $116, $1,116, or more or whatever we can). We anticipate $150,000 shortage for the first 3 months. Please DONATE GENEROUSLY.

Ways to donate :  You can visit our website(www.ranganatha.org) and donate On-Line, using PayPal (http://www.ranganatha.org/donations/online-request), or mail a check to above address, or call the Temple at 845-364-9790 EXTN 101 (sometimes no one may answer due to shortage of volunteers, Please be patient) and donate with Credit-Card.


Thank You. Srimad Azhagiyasingar ThiruvadigaLe SaraNam.         

Board of Trustees, in the service of Sri-Mahaa-Lakshmi & Lord Sri-RanganaaTha.


Please Donate Generously - Emergency Fund needed - $150,000= for first 3 months




Sri-Raama-Navami and Sri-Raama-Pattaabhishekam


Please follow the live events at our temple Facebook page or YouTube page.

Sri Ranganaayakii Sametha Sri RanganaaTha ParaBrahmaNe Nama:

Sri Bhuumi NiiLaa Sametha Sri Lakshmi NruSimha ParaBrahmaNe Nama:

Srimate Satakopaya Nama: - Srimate Raamaanujaya Nama:

Srimate Nigamaantha Mahaa DeSikaaya Nama:

Srimate Srimad Aathivan Satakopa Yathiindhra Mahaa DeSikaaya Nama:

Srimate Srivan Satakopa Sri Vedhaanta DeSika Yatiindhra Mahaa DeSikaaya Nama:

Srimate Sri LakshmiNrusimha Divyapadukasevaka Srivan Satakopa

Sri NaaraayaNa Yatiindhra Mahaa DeSikaaya Nama:

Srimate Srivan Satakopa Sri RanganaaTha Yathiidhra Mahaa DeSikaaya Nama:


Offering our humble prostrations to our Great Aachaarya-s - Bhagavat Sri Ramanuja-Aachaarya, Sri Vedanta-Desika, All the 46 Srimat AzghagiyaSingars of Sri Ahobila Mutt,  the BOT (Board of Trustees) and Volunteers invite you all to participate through a Live-Stream of Sri-Raama-Navami on April 2nd and Sri-Raama-Pattaabhishekam on April 4th, 2020 


(Do NOT come to Temple. Watch live-streaming of Thirumanjanam and KalyaaNam) and be blessed by our Divine-Parents - Sri Siithaa-Mahaa-Lakshmi & Lord Sri-Raama with Health, Wealth, Peace and Prosperity and also SaraNaagati to attain Salvation (Sri-VailunTa-Praapthi), at the end of this life itself, guaranteed by Sri-Siithaa-Raama



Sponsoring Any & All events at Sri RanganaaTha Temple is our Bhaagyam:

(Please donate generously to sponsor Abhishekam, Flowers-&-Tulasi, Hanuman-Vada-mala,  KalyaNam, Pattaabhishekam etc..,YaTha-Sakthi - whatever we can - $16, $116, $1,116 or more

- as our Temple runs with No-Ticket, and only with your donations. Please donate generously using PayPal (http://www.ranganatha.org/donations/online-request), or mail a check to temple address, or call the temple at (845) 364 9790