Temple Festivals

Major Festivals celebrated at Sri Ranganatha Temple, Pomona, New York

The Temple follows the Visishtadvaita Philosophy as given by Bhagavad Sri Ramanujacharya, as elaborated by Sri NigamAntha Maha Desika and as currently followed by the Jeers of Sri Ahobila Mutt, India. ALL devotees, irrespective of their birth or current status have an equal opportunity to reach the Lotus Feet of the Lord in Sri Vaikuntham (Moksham) by following the path of SaraNagathi, or Absolute Surrender to Lord Sriman Narayana.

All festivals conducted by the Temple are in strict accordance with the Temple philosophy and traditions. These elaborate festivals are conducted in a very grand manner (some have likened these events to events conducted at the DivyaDesams in India) and there is active and loving participation by thousands of devotees who are constantly drawn to the Divine Beauty and Splendor of the Divya Dampathi who beckon the devotees to surrender at their Lotus Feet.

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Temple News Letter

November 20, 2018

Dear Devotee,

There is no time more fitting to say THANK YOU for your trust and confidence in Sri Ranganatha Temple (SRT). Our SRT family would like to express its heartfelt appreciation for your continued support and generosity. On behalf of the board, staff and volunteers, we wish you and your loved ones a very happy Thanksgiving and joyful holiday season.

May Lord Ranganatha and Mahaa Lakshmi shower their blessings on you and your family.

Very truly yours

S. Ram Nagubandi


Board of Trustees


November 10, 2018

Dear Devotee and Member                                                                                                                         

You have experienced world-renowned religious experience- delivered with compassion by extraordinary priests of Sri Ranganatha Temple. Recently one of the devotees said “I get the feeling and satisfaction when I visit Sri Ranganatha Temple that I never experienced visiting any other temple in the world. I truly believe God really exists in this temple”. We would like you to experience the same feeling visiting Ranganatha Temple.

Whether it was personal attention you received from highly skilled priests, the vast knowledge and religious expertise of Sri Krishna Desika Yata Jeeyar Swamy (skdyjswamy@gmail.com), or a reassuring smile, a satisfying free prasadam and encouraging word of fellow devotee or a volunteer-we hope that your experience with the temple was positive. You can send Jeeyar Swamy for any request of your requirements or doubts about any part of our religion and private religious consultation.

At Sri Ranganatha Temple, devotees are at the center of everything we do, and it means so much to everyone at the Temple when we hear about your outstanding devotion you received. Lord Ranganatha and Mahaa Lakshmi does not discriminate based on your ability to donate and pay for Aarathi. God treats everyone equally whether you are rich or poor. That is why we do not charge you for Aarathi or Puja at our temple and we strive to treat everyone equally. We strongly believe in that and we also offer free food (Prasadam) to all. We believe that the Temple belongs to you and you and your family are partners in caring-a way that you can personally honor those people (Priests or volunteers) who made a difference to you and your family.

If you encountered someone who made your experience special, please take a moment to let us know. Make a donation today and we will send a note to the priest, volunteer, board member, or other staff to acknowledge their excellence and thank them on your behalf.

Your support will not only bring well-deserved recognition and joy to one of our priests, volunteer or staff but it will help to ensure that other devotees experience the same high-quality attention as you did.

With warm regards,

S. Ram Nagubandi


Board of Trustees



Request from Board of Trustees


Na Dharma Nishthosmi Na Cha Atmavedi Na BhaktimansTvat Charanaravinde | 

Akinchanonanyagati Sharanyam 

Tvat Padamoolam Sharanam Prapadye ||

Dear Devotees,

Over the past year we believe to have served more than 100,000 devotees and families who benefited from our special way of serving Lord Ranganatha with complete devotion as we offer a unique way of surrendering to Sri Mahalakshmi and Lord Ranganatha. Everyday we offer opportunities to worship Lord Ranganatha and we have been arranging various Pujas and events where devotees can immerse themselves in praying and obtaining "Sarangati".


With your help, we will continue to develop new programs, and deliver the most novel and compassionate methods to surrender yourself to Lord Ranganatha.


Your support helps to keep the various programs at the temple and add more events for all devotees and families everywhere. Because of your help, we provide most of the Pujas and other events at no cost to any devotee. The Board of Trustees decided to keep the "Yatha-Sakthi" method and not to charge for pujas or food. Everything is available to all devotees at no cost, which is unique in any temple. In addition to the devotional services offered to all, we also provide unique ways of spirituality to support the needed to pursue and share truth in ways that encourage reflective understanding and compassionate involvement.

In 2019, we are going to embark on expansion of the temple by working towards building the 'Praharam" to facilitate devotees to do "Pradhakshanams" without worrying about the weather. We are also considering building of "priest quarters". We are in the final stages of obtaining the required permits from local authorities to begin the construction. As you all know, this takes lot of work and more importantly money. With your help, we hope Lord Ranganatha will endorse these and other endeavors we plan to undertake in the coming years.

May Sri Mahalakshmi and Lord Ranganatha bless you and your family in 2019 and many more years to come. The Board of Trustees wishes a Happy new year and a blessed 2019.


S. Ram Nagubandi

Chair, BOT

Lunar Eclipse

A Total Lunar eclipse will occur on Sunday, Jan 20th 2019. It will be visible in USA. The eclipse begins at 10:35 pm, attains maximum at  12:13 am and ends at 1:51 am (Jan-21st).  For more details visit NASA Website

  • It is recommended that every one perform snanam (shower) at the start of the eclipse. During the eclipse, it is normal for people to do japam, recite sthothra pAtham or Sri Vishnu sahasranAmam etc. Take shower again once the eclipse ends for suddhi. It is very important to do fasting during the eclipse time.
  • For those who are eligible for pithru tharpanam, you need to take bath after beginning of the maximum eclipse, and do tharpanam between 12:00 am (midnight) to 12:45 am on Jan 21st. The tharpanam procedure is same as the Amavasya tharpanam (just change sOmOparAga punyakAla srAdham instead of Darsha sradham).
  • It is advised that pregnant women, not to go outside during the eclipse.
  • The eclipse occurs in Pushyami (poosam), Kataka Rasi. Those who are born in this nakshathram, visit the temple and  perform Archana with your name after finishing the AbhishEkam on Jan-21st, Monday
  • Temple will be closed at 4 pm on Sunday. Temple will open at 8.00am on Monday and open devotees have Darshan at 11 in the morning after performing thirumanjanam to Sri Ranganatha and MahA Lakshmi.

Note: Pournami Satyanarayana Pooja will not be performed on Sunday, Jan-20th, during the eclipse