Brahmotsavam 2024 - Parking Instructions


We anticipate large attendance especially during the main Brahmotsavam 2024 event days - July 01 to July 10, 2024. For your convenience, we have made arrangements for offsite parking and transportation. Devotees are requested to follow parking guidelines as given below:

  • A) Please do not park on the side roads beside the temple to comply with town fire department regulations. Illegally parked vehicles will be towed at owner’s expense.

  • B) Devotees are advised not to leave valuables in visible condition in their cars at the public parking lot. This includes, but not limited to, GPS devices, music players & accessories etc. Temple is not responsible for any loss or theft or vandalism.

    C) Devotees who bring small children requiring child seats are advised to come to the temple and drop their family off before proceeding to the public parking lot. Temple transportation doesn't include child seats, and hence volunteers cannot transport small children.

Please park your vehicle in the Municipal parking lot that is located at the junction of US Route 202 and Thiells Mount Ivy Road. Refer to the map on the Left.

For GPS purposes you can enter the addresses: Intersection of Route 202 and Thiells Mount Ivy Road, Mount Ivy, NY. The parking lot is beside Exit-13 (Pomona exit) off Palisades Parkway.

Temple volunteers will transport you in a van from the parking lot to the temple and drop you back to the parking lot when you need to leave. If you have any questions, volunteers can be reached at 201 283 2942.

Directions to the parking lot:

Palisades Parkway (North): Take Exit 13 (Pomona exit). Make a right and go straight past the traffic light into the parking lot (on Route 202).

Palisades Parkway (South): Take Exit 13 (Pomona exit). At the traffic light, make a left. At next traffic light make a right to go into the parking lot (on Route 202).