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Na Dharma Nishthosmi Na Cha Atmavedi Na BhaktimansTvat Charanaravinde | 

Akinchanonanyagati Sharanyam 

Tvat Padamoolam Sharanam Prapadye ||

Dear Devotees,

Over the past year we believe to have served more than 100,000 devotees and families who benefited from our special way of serving Lord Ranganatha with complete devotion as we offer a unique way of surrendering to Sri Mahalakshmi and Lord Ranganatha. Everyday we offer opportunities to worship Lord Ranganatha and we have been arranging various Pujas and events where devotees can immerse themselves in praying and obtaining "Sarangati".


With your help, we will continue to develop new programs, and deliver the most novel and compassionate methods to surrender yourself to Lord Ranganatha.


Your support helps to keep the various programs at the temple and add more events for all devotees and families everywhere. Because of your help, we provide most of the Pujas and other events at no cost to any devotee. The Board of Trustees decided to keep the "Yatha-Sakthi" method and not to charge for pujas or food. Everything is available to all devotees at no cost, which is unique in any temple. In addition to the devotional services offered to all, we also provide unique ways of spirituality to support the needed to pursue and share truth in ways that encourage reflective understanding and compassionate involvement.

In 2019, we are going to embark on expansion of the temple by working towards building the 'Praharam" to facilitate devotees to do "Pradhakshanams" without worrying about the weather. We are also considering building of "priest quarters". We are in the final stages of obtaining the required permits from local authorities to begin the construction. As you all know, this takes lot of work and more importantly money. With your help, we hope Lord Ranganatha will endorse these and other endeavors we plan to undertake in the coming years.

May Sri Mahalakshmi and Lord Ranganatha bless you and your family in 2019 and many more years to come. The Board of Trustees wishes a Happy new year and a blessed 2019.


S. Ram Nagubandi

Chair, BOT

Volunteer Information: We request devotees to actively participate and volunteer for the events marked with # below. This also includes participation from our devotees in carrying Pallakis & Vahanas. If you are interested to volunteer please click here to send us a note through our Temple Website Volunteers page. To learn more about Brahmotsavam refer to the Temple Festivals page on our website.
Please Note:

Instructions for carrying Pallakis and Vahanas is updated on our Temple Website. Male devotees carrying Pallakis and Vahanas are requested to wear Dhotis. Devotees Sponsoring Poojas for Brahmotsavam are kindly requested to be in traditional attire and wear sarees / dhotis. Thank you for your support in adhering to temple guidelines.

Parking arrangements: Special parking arrangements for Brahmotsavam 2017 - posted to our Temple Website - Events section

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