Board Of Trustees Elections


Board Of Trustees Elections

Elections will take place on Sunday, November 25, 2018 between 12 noon and 2 PM at the temple.


Dear Member,                                                                                                                                                  October 23, 2018


As you all know that during Annual General Body Meeting (AGM) assembly in May of 2018, the temple supposed to conduct elections for trustee positions. Unfortunately, some members created a mayhem during the AGM and at the advice of temple attorney, Ms. Indra Pal, the elections were postponed for a later date.

Now, please take notice that those cancelled elections will take place on Sunday, November 25, 2018 between 12 noon and 2 PM at the temple. There will be NO AGM meeting as it has already taken place in May 2018. The eligible voters (see below) need be present to cast their ballots but need not be present for the entire two hours (12 noon to 2 pm). No proxies are allowed per our bye-laws.

Eligible Voters: Prior to AGM meeting, a notice was sent to all life members, donors and benefactors to let the temple committee know if they wish to participate in this year’s elections. Per our bye-laws, only those eligible life members/donors/benefactors who already responded will be eligible to vote in this year’s elections. All those who responded will be notified of this change in date for elections.

Candidates for elections: Prior to AGM meeting, four Candidates were determined to have met the requirements and only those 4 candidates will be in this year’s elections. The eligible candidates are as follows (in no particular order).

AMR Kannan, Dipti Singh, Vamsi Krishna Nalluri, and Ramkumar Panhani

Notice to Candidates: All the four eligible candidates (as above) must be present at the time of elections. All candidates need to register by 11 AM on the day of elections (November 25, 2018). Please note that no campaigning is permitted before (starting 8.00 AM on November 25, 2018) and during the election within 100 yards of Temple premises. In the event campaigning is observed by any candidate or on behalf of any candidate, such candidate will be disqualified for the election this year. The candidates who are NOT present will also be disqualified. All the four candidates can observe the election process for fairness.

As part of this year’s ballot, there will be two bye-law changes will be for your consideration and eligible voters can vote for or against them. As previously discussed at the last AGM meeting, the following bye-law changes will be voted upon.

Amendment 1: Change the donation/fee for life members/donors and benefactors. This change in donation amount will ONLY be applicable for future members/donors and benefactors and will have NO effect on current members.

Amendment 2: Change the required absences for board members at the board meetings from six (6) to three (3) per year to remain on the board. This change is made to ensure that board members participate actively in the Temple activities.

Please participate in this year’s elections and make your vote count.

Thank you,



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