April 5, 2021



Coronavirus (Covid-19) continues to dominate headlines with news of its spread and potential new cases in the United States and New York. While we are uncertain of how this outbreak will affect the operations of Sri Ranganatha Temple, Board of Trustees shall make a decision, as we get closer to AGM, and inform you in case we need to postpone or cancel the meeting. Please refer to our website (www.ranganatha.org) as we get closer to AGM.

In accordance with the by-laws, the Board of Trustees (BOT) will be conducting the Annual General Body (AGM) meeting along with members' annual lunch on Sunday, May 30. 2021 from 12 noon to 2:00 PM at Sri Ranganatha Temple, 8 Ladentown Road, Pomona, NY 10970. Please accept this invitation and attend to make it a success and let your voice be heard in making the Temple a better place.

This is the only official notification of AGM along with the proposed agenda of the meeting, shall be sent all life members. Any member would like to include any topic for discussion at AGM meeting, please send your suggestions, in writing, to the Secretary (secretary@ranganatha.org) or mail to Sri Ranganatha Temple, P O Box 3300, Pomona, NY 10970, no later than May 7, 2021. All suggestions received in time will be considered by BOT for their appropriateness and may be included in the agenda. The final agenda will be posted on our website (www.ranganatha.org) at a later date on or prior to May 21, 2021. In addition, if any member would like to make any changes to temple By-laws, please send your proposed changes, in writing, to the secretary (secretary@ranganatha.org) by April 30, 2021 for consideration.

This is also the official notice for elections of new trustees that will become vacant on the day of our AGM. Please see the enclosed information about number of vacant positions and other rules governing this election. All nominations for prospective trustee members must be received by May 7, 2021 and post marked no later than May 1st of 2021. For other details, please see the enclosed nomination form and other information on Nominations for Sri Ranganatha Temple.

Nomination forms and related information can be downloaded from our website (www.ranganatha.org)

We are grateful to you and your family for your continued support to Sri Ranganatha Temple. We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude for your ongoing support and offer our sincere prayers to our Divine Parents- Sri Maha-Lakshmi and Lord Sriman Narayana to bestow their blessings on you and your loved ones, today, every day and always.


Senthilkumar Vellaiappan

Secretary, BOT

Volunteer Information: We request devotees to actively participate and volunteer for the events. This also includes participation from our devotees in carrying Pallakis & Vahanas. If you are interested to volunteer please refer to Volunteers page.
Please Note:

Instructions for carrying Pallakis and Vahanas, Male devotees carrying Pallakis and Vahanas are requested to wear Dhotis. Devotees Sponsoring Poojas for Brahmotsavam are kindly requested to be in traditional attire and wear sarees / dhotis. Thank you for your support in adhering to temple guidelines.

Parking: Special parking arrangements for Brahmotsavam - Events section

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