Upakarma (Rug & Yajur-Veda) on Monday, August 3rd, 2020


 TO MINIMIZE THE SPREAD OF CORONA-VIRUS (COVID-19), TEMPLE IS ARRANGING RESTRICTED DARSAN TO ALL DEVOTEES. Please follow all Guidelines when you are inside the Temple (NO EXCEPTIONS) and please enjoy all events Live on Facebook or YouTube.

Sri Ranganaayakii Sametha Sri RanganaaTha ParaBrahmaNe Nama:

Sri Bhuumi NiiLaa Sametha Sri Lakshmi NruSimha ParaBrsahmaNe Nama:

Srimate Satakopaya Nama: - Srimate Raamaanujaya Nama:

Srimate Nigamaantha Mahaa DeSikaaya Nama:

Srimate Srimad Aathivan Satakopa Yathiindhra Mahaa DeSikaaya Nama:

Srimate Srivan Satakopa Sri Vedhaanta DeSika Yatiindhra Mahaa DeSikaaya Nama:

Srimate Sri LakshmiNrusimha Divyapadukasevaka Srivan Satakopa

Sri NaaraayaNa Yatiindhra Mahaa DeSikaaya Nama:

Srimate Srivan Satakopa Sri RanganaaTha Yathiidhra Mahaa DeSikaaya Nama:

Offering our humble prostrations to all our Great Achaarya-s Bhagavat Sri Raamaanuja, Sri Vedhaantha-DeSika and All 46 Srimath-AzghagiyaSingars of Sri Ahobila Mutt, the Devotees, Volunteers and the Board of Trustees invite you all to join them in doing:

Upakarma (Rug & Yajur-Veda) on Monday, August 3rd, 2020

(Please stay home for everyone's safety AND do Upaakarma ON-LINE on a Video-Call)

and receive the blessings of our Divine Parents - Sri-Mahaa-Lakshmi & our Supreme Lord Sriman-NaaraayaNa, for good Health and Happiness and Saranaagati for Salvation at the end of this life itself, guaranteed by our Lord Sri-Raama and Lord Sri-KrishNa.               


Program: Monday, Aug 3, 2020: Yajur-Veda- 3 Batches, at 8, 9 & 10 AM AND at 11 AM for Rug-Veda. To join ON-LINE, clik on the LINK:https://meet.google.com/art-tgpx-gdg

or open Meet, enter code: art-tgpx-gdg (first 10 minutes is joining time, 8.10, 9.10 AM etc..,) Have a Yajnopavitam and Kusa ready (collect from Temple in advance, if you don't have)


Sponsoring Any & All events at Sri RanganaaTha Temple is our Bhaagyam

Please donate generously and sponsor Abhishekam, Anna-dhaanam, Flowers-&-Tulasi, Hanuman-Vada-maala, KalyaaNothsavam, Santhaana-Gopaala-Krishna Pooja, Sri-Mahaa-Lakshmi Pooja, etc..,YaTha-Sakthi - whatever we can - $16 or $116 or $1,116 or more - it is only our donations that help our Temple run on NO-TICKET principle


our donations run our Temple on No-Ticket - 

Volunteer Information: We request devotees to actively participate and volunteer for the events. This also includes participation from our devotees in carrying Pallakis & Vahanas. If you are interested to volunteer please refer to Volunteers page.
Please Note:

Instructions for carrying Pallakis and Vahanas, Male devotees carrying Pallakis and Vahanas are requested to wear Dhotis. Devotees Sponsoring Poojas for Brahmotsavam are kindly requested to be in traditional attire and wear sarees / dhotis. Thank you for your support in adhering to temple guidelines.

Parking: Special parking arrangements for Brahmotsavam - Events section

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