Thanksgiving Appeal - 2019


Dear Devotees. 


As Thanksgiving-Day approaches, this is the Best time to express our gratitude and say "Thank You" for your support to our Temple, for past nearly 20 years. It is because of your Generous Support , we could have the Unique No-Ticket System, based on "YaThaa-Sakthi" principle, for all the following Services: 


1:  Archana at All Sannidhis, at ALL times at Temple

2:  Abhishekams at All Sannidhis on All Scheduled Days at Temple

3:  Sri Srinivasa-Kalyanam on All Saturdays & Sundays at Temple

4:  Sri Satya-Narayana Pooja on All Full-Moon Days at 6 PM at Temple

5:  Sri Hanumaan's Vada-Maala Pooja on All Saturdays at Temple at 10 AM

6:  Sri Santaana-Gopala-Krishna Pooja on All Sundays at Temple at 10 AM

7:  Anna-Danam, at all times during normal Temple Working Hours, 8:  Bhagavad-Gita PaaraayaNam, Sri Sundhara-Kaanda PaaraayaNam, Sri SatyaNarayana-Pooja & Sri Sita-Kalyanam, on All Weekends at 4 PM at your Homes

9:  Tele-Bridge chanting 3 times-a-day (Divya-Prabandham, Paaduka-Sahasram, Desika-Stotras etc.,) and entire Bhagavad-Gita-ParayaNa Everyday 8 to 10 PM

10: Annual River-Front Sri Satya-Narayana Pooja, Anna-koota Utsavam, Pavithrotsavam, Brahmotsavam and ADhyayana-Utsavam

11: Offered Gold-Leaf Vimanams to Lord Sri-RanganaaTha, Sri-Mahaa-Lakshmi, SriAndal, Bhagavat Ramanuja and Sri Vedanta-Desika and many more.


We request you all to join the dedicated group of fortunate devotees who donate 6.25% of their Annual Gross Income Every-Year to our Temple and the 14 Devotees who gave $50,000= each, towards the VamSa-Paaramparya-Ubhayakaara-Program (VPUP) Seva and adopted one of Temple Moolavar-s. It is because of such dedicated Devotees donating 6.25% Every Year and the VPUP Sponsors, we could manage the Temple with No-Ticket system. Temple provides Priest Services to all such VPUP Sponsors and 6.25% Donors, at home or at Temple, all religious services, - Gruha-pravesam, Marriage etc., Temple-Hall for all the above poojas, regular Temple Prasadam items and all available resources (subject to limitations of Temple policies), at no extra cost.


Please take a moment during this Thanks-Giving Holiday Season and send your Generous Donations, by a Check made payable to:  "Sri RanganAtha Temple" and Mail to: 8-Ladentown Road, Pomona, NY-10970; or call Temple at 845-364-9790 and donate with your Credit-Card; or make a Cash, Check or Credit-Card Donation at Temple Front-Desk.


Thank you, Srimad Azhagiyasingar Thiruvadigale SaraNam, adiyen, Raamaanuja dhaasaanudhaasans, Board-Of-Trustees.

Volunteer Information: We request devotees to actively participate and volunteer for the events. This also includes participation from our devotees in carrying Pallakis & Vahanas. If you are interested to volunteer please refer to Volunteers page.
Please Note:

Instructions for carrying Pallakis and Vahanas, Male devotees carrying Pallakis and Vahanas are requested to wear Dhotis. Devotees Sponsoring Poojas for Brahmotsavam are kindly requested to be in traditional attire and wear sarees / dhotis. Thank you for your support in adhering to temple guidelines.

Parking: Special parking arrangements for Brahmotsavam - Events section

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