Kartika-Pournami-Satya-Narayana Puja


Kartika-Pournami-Satya-Narayana Puja on Monday - Nov 11th, 2019 - 5 PM at Our Temple


Seating limited to 108 couples - First-come-First-served - RSVP Required

You all heard it many times - this puja is preferably done on a River-Front or at a Temple or at one's home, on an Auspicious Day - Ekadasi or Pournami or Samkranti.  King Ulkamukha did this Puja many times and was re-born as DaSaraTha in the next life and had Lord Sri- Raama as his Son.  May we all be blessed with the right motivation to do this Special Puja, for Sath-Santhana-Phalam (to be blessed with good kids) and SarvaarTha-SiDhdhi (to fulfill all our material desires) and Moksha-Prapthi (to attain Salvation, if done as Nishkaama Kaimkaryam for Bhagavaan Sriman-NaaraayaNa PriithyarDham).

Also, be fortunate to do Salagrama & Diipa-danam on this Special Kartika-Pournami.



Reservations needed, click on registration link below

Kartika-Pournami-Satya-Narayana Puja Registrations

Volunteer Information: We request devotees to actively participate and volunteer for the events. This also includes participation from our devotees in carrying Pallakis & Vahanas. If you are interested to volunteer please refer to Volunteers page.
Please Note:

Instructions for carrying Pallakis and Vahanas, Male devotees carrying Pallakis and Vahanas are requested to wear Dhotis. Devotees Sponsoring Poojas for Brahmotsavam are kindly requested to be in traditional attire and wear sarees / dhotis. Thank you for your support in adhering to temple guidelines.

Parking: Special parking arrangements for Brahmotsavam - Events section

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